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Seminar Meeting about Pruhonice Botanic Garden

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Last year it was five years, since botanic garden revitalization started.

The meeting will be on 16th March 2017 from 9 a.m. in Chotobuz meeting room.



9.00 - 11.30

  • Garden introduction – short excursion to its history
  • Significance of the garden in a gene pool preservation context
  • Development Plan – where and how to steer the garden in future
  • Orchard of old fruit trees, connection to gene pool fields of ČSOP
  • Databáze - florius, ibotky, Grin Global – where to search for information
  • Opportunities for visitors, but also researchers and scientists


13.00 - 15.00

  • Introduction of individual collections – irises, peonies, daylilies, roses


Speakers: Sekerka P., Macháčková M., Caspers Z. (botanic garden), Lípa M. (ČSOP) 


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