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Birch Grove

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In autumn 2012 a former plum orchard with several botanical pear trees was cleaned-up. Spontaneous seedling of birch trees (Betula pendula)  reached oved the fruit trees in some places and old plums dies in others, and so a new garden area evolved.

Recently we still work on it and it is not open to pulic yet.





Birches are interesting trees for its color of bark. Their plantnings stand the best out with bigger number of specimens. Because there is no larger birch planting in Pruhonice Park or in the garden, we decided to leave the big trees in formem orchard and fill a display up with onother examples of birch species. We continuously gather them mostly from Index seminum or from other botanical gardens.




N 49° 59,464'
E 14° 34,208'

± 0,8 m
365,5 m