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Chotobuz Botanic Garden in Pruhonice

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 Botanic garden is located in western periphery of  Pruhonice park. Garden entrance is from the park.


Garden used to be closed to public except special Open Days until the 90th of 20th century. But an effort to fully utilize collections of the garden for professionals and show it to the general public was partially fulfilled during 1993–96 when a display garden of 3.5ha was founded with funds from Ministry of Environment. The display garden has been built according to architectural study from prof. I. Otruba, who  followed original, partially realized, design by E. Zavadil from 1963–64. This grant was sufficient for the study, transfer of the collections and making display beds, but not enough for paths and garden features. The collections of individual genera have been continually transferred into the garden (irises, peonies, roses, rhododendrons, water lilies and day lilies) in representative selections. Complete collections have been situated in experimental area of the garden.

From 2010 the garden is open to public in May and June for a whole week except Mondays. We consider extending opening hours, but it depends on financial and personal situation of the institution.